Implications of Imagination

Clap your hands if you believe. Being a teenage boy, Oliver thinks that believing means not telling his younger sister Maggie, that fairies don’t exist. And even if they did, they wouldn’t hang out in the forest behind their house. But what if he’s wrong, what if believing can bring about a little magic?
To read more about the filming day of Implications of Imagination go over to the blog Or if you fancy seeing how the world premier went just go here x

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Implications of Imagination is the first short film from Twinkling Bat Films. The film marked the Directorial debut of Rose McMahon. With a talented cast and capable crew, the film was shot in a single day. The premiere was at Night Owl Cinema on the 5th January 2017 in front of a crowd of over 1500 people. Here’s what some of the patrons had to say…
“You should be SO proud right now”
“When you get your first Oscar I’m going to remember tonight”
“Well done my girl it was a beautiful film”
“You’re going to be big so keep pushing hard”
“Keep up the hard work because that was incredible for your first film”
“Just wanted to say how amazing the film was!! Proud of you.”
“You must be so proud, well done.”
“WOW will have to do until I gather my thoughts. Very proud.”
“The movie was awesome.”
“What a golden nugget Rose’s short film was.”

Introducing the people behind Implications of Imagination Crew
I’m the 15 year old founder and head photographer of a successful photography and film business, Little Miss Rose. In 2016 I decided to turn my passion for telling stories into a series of short films and established Twinkling Bat Films. I’m on my way to filming a feature length film in 2018, its a super exciting journey and I’m stoked with the crew of people collaborating with me on the goal of becoming the youngest female Director of a Hollywood film.

I love words. Particularly if the words are arranged sensibly in a novel involving flawed characters and complex plots. I’m new to writing screenplays but an old hand at inventing and crafting stories. In 2017 I’m moving to Wellington to commence a Bachelor of Biomedical Science majoring in Molecular Pathology.

I am a photographer, videographer and general goofball who works as part of Swift and Click. Despite my harsh and terrifying exterior I really like people and also capturing them through cameras. With many years in the industry and a love for film I’m the Director of Photography (even though I can’t even direct myself to bed on time most nights).

I’m the pretty part of Swift and Click and make a wonderful Assistant Director, mainly because I love telling people what to do. As a business manager, organiser and excellent photographer, I provide valuable context and style for all jobs I work on.

Sound has been a lifetime passion and a common thread to 40 years (or so) experience in music and radio. ‘Good Ears’ are essential, whether it’s playing Fender bass or broadcasting to the nation. I’ve worked in radio as a host on music and news networks, produced live outside broadcasts, recorded thousands of radio commercials, narrated for Film and TV and produced regional broadcast news. I’m currently a columnist for a monthly magazine and bassist in a jazz trio. Most recently, I worked on The Z-Nail Gang (2013) as Vehicle Wrangler/Music/Foley, and as Sound Recordist on Just 3 Girls (2016) and Chariot Club (2016). With new recording equipment, I’m ready to capture crystal-clear, error-free sound on location.


Tim Dyason – Drone Cameraman
With a natural curiosity for technology and landscapes I purchased my first drone in 2014. From there my hobby quickly developed into a passion. I enjoy capturing natural environments from unique perspectives. I also enjoy hiking and biking and exploring landscapes with my drone that are inaccessible on foot. Examples of these include the Putangirua Pinnacles at Cape Palliser and the Pencarrow Lighthouse and surrounding cliff faces. This aerial photography is then carefully set to stunning musical pieces that showcase the majesty of the landscapes. These can be viewed on my Facebook page Air Stream Photography. When I’m not out flying my drone I am a coffee aficionado and a master boutique brewer.

I have been living in Tauranga for 3 years, after returning from New York in 2014 I decided to make the Bay of Plenty my home. I’m the director of the new Actors Agency BOP Actors, an agency focussed on finding talent work in Film and TV here in NZ and also overseas. I have worked in the film industry for 20 years as a successful actress and worked in the music industry for 15 years as a touring artist. And also a member of BOP FILM which was set up to help facilitate the growing Film Industry in Tauranga. I believe everyone deserves a chance to live their dreams and the only way to do that is by doing and believing and doing and believing – put on repeat.

Rose Allan – hairdresser and makeup artist
I have been hairdressing for the past 19 years and recently trained as a makeup artist in fashion, theatre and media makeup. My achievements so far have included coordinating the hair & makeup for a short film, makeup & hair for a music video, makeup & hair for two fashion shows, makeup & hair for weddings/school balls. I am excited to be working alongside Twinkling Bat Films for their upcoming short films.

Fletcher Oxford – Oliver
Fletcher is a passionate actor who relishes in the escapism that altering his persona allows. Having performed numerous lead roles over the years, predominantly in musical theatre, melodrama and Shakespeare, he is by all means no stranger to the stage. In 2012, Fletcher was a finalist in TV series New Zealand’s Got Talent, singing original material in dedication to his lost cat ‘Sushi’. Fletcher puts emotion above all else in every aspect of performance, be it music or acting, and finds purpose in relaying such emotion to an audience. From a very young age, he has devoted his life to the arts, always with a love for performing and undying future ambitions.

Daria Galey – Maggie 
Daria loves acting because she enjoys the magic of playing pretend and revels in the joy of storytelling. She lives a wonderful life beside the sea and delights in going for walks on the beach with her brother and sister and beloved dog Alfie. She loves playing sports and is involved with a number of different sports teams. She enjoys outings with her grandma and playing with her friends . She loves clothes, dressing up and dancing and music. She has a charming yet natural demeanour and has great empathy for others.