Implications of Imagination

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Implications of Imagination is the first short film from Twinkling Bat Films. The film marked the Directorial debut of Rose McMahon. With a talented cast and capable crew, the film was shot in a single day. The premiere was at Night Owl Cinema on the 5th January 2017 in front of a crowd of about 1500 people. Here’s what some of the patrons had to say…

“You should be SO proud right now”

“When you get your first Oscar I’m going to remember tonight”

“Well done my girl it was a beautiful film”

“You’re going to be big so keep pushing hard”

“Keep up the hard work because that was incredible for your first film”

“Just wanted to say how amazing the film was!! Proud of you.”

“You must be so proud, well done.”

“WOW will have to do until I gather my thoughts. Very proud.”

“The movie was awesome.”

“What a golden nugget Rose’s short film was.”

Clap your hands if you believe. Being a teenage boy, Oliver thinks that believing means not telling his younger sister Maggie, that fairies don’t exist. And even if they did, they wouldn’t hang out in the forest behind their house. But what if he’s wrong, what if believing can bring about a little magic?