Twinkling Bat Films is all about making authentic scripted films showcasing underrepresented communities and bringing creatives together in the process
Hi, I’m Rose. 
I am a young, capable and award-winning filmmaker. I fell in love with the behind the scenes of filmmaking when I was on set as a crew member at 13 and started my film production company when I was 15 years old. I have the spirit of a creative storyteller in the body of a goal-setting, deadline-smashing machine; think Will Shakespeare meets the Terminator but with a dash of someone who you would like to grab a coffee with.

I have had the pleasure to be featured in some publications such as Miss FQ, Uno Magazine, Sun Media, Our Place Magazine, Nadia Magazine, PrideNZ Podcast, NZ Herald, Standout Women Podcast, Henry Magazine, Now to Love, Radio NZ and New Zealand Women’s Weekly