HP48 HOURS 2017 Entry

This year I had the amazing experience of putting together a team for the HP48 HOURS NZ 2017 and WOW!  

Plastic Hearts by team Take Note Of Your Nearest Exit – HP48 HOURS
It was such a fun and amazing weekend with our team of myself directing, Alistair McMahon creating the script,  our on screen talent of Hannah Dixon, Liam Dixon and Fletcher Oxford.  I was also behind the camera as DOP along with Samuel Edwards as 2nd camera and Luke Edwards as 3rd camera.  Our fantastic sound technician Alf Rose was alongside me again making sure everything sounded amazing.  Fletcher, despite stating he had no rest (actually he did get a sneaky sleep in) was busy on Sunday creating the musical score with Alf as Samuel and I edited and colour graded the film.  And because every great film needs someone to help out, do everything and be everywhere all at once we had Isaiah Kokiri on the job of runner and he was especially great at making sure everyone was having a good laugh.
We had a pretty chill weekend until it got to about 5:30pm on Sunday when we rendered the finished film but of course once we rendered it I wasn’t a 100% happy with the colour grade so I quickly changed it and re saved it.  With the final film in hand Samuel, Fletcher and I  jumped in the car at about fifteen minutes past six and drove (totally on the speed limit) to the hand in location. Needless to say it was a crazy and hilarious drive, involving conversations from bad relationships to 80’s music and the next short films, everyone in the car had a near heart attack at quarter to seven when Fletcher said with the GPS “What! it is still fifteen minutes away” but it turns out he just hadn’t updated our location and we were actually only five minutes away ( good one Fletch 😉 ).  And we got there with eight minutes still on the clock to hand the film in, SUCCESS.
It was an exciting and creative weekend of film making with our team and I’m so looking forward to seeing all the Bay of Plenty’s 48 hour films on the big screen at Bay Court on Saturday the 2nd of September 2017.  And HP48Hours, we will definitely be seeing you next year!!!
We also were completely honoured to win four awards on Saturday night at the regional finals!  Fletcher and Alf who did an absolutely amazing job of the music picked up Best Original Score. Alistair got Best Script, not to bad for one night of writing!  Along with Best Use of Technical Element and Best Female Director!  Woop woop!  What an amazing effort team x
Plastic Hearts was also nominated for three awards at the grand finals in Auckland.  It was truly amazing to see our film up on the screen on the amazing Civic theatre!
Rose xx
I had far to much joy creating these outtakes from my 48 Hour 2017 team, Take Note Of Your Nearest Exit. Enjoy the laughs