The Smile Shop – IYSFF 2017

This year we had the amazing experience of making a film for the International Youth Silent Film Festival!
It was an awesome festival to be a part of and every step of creating a silent film was extremely exciting. Of course, writing a script that doesn’t require spoken dialogue to tell is already a fun project and filming it is even better. Due to a couple of issues with scheduling we filmed the Smile Shop in a grand total of two hours and edited it in two days, I know, what were we thinking!  Who knows, especially because we had some rain in these two hours of filming outside
One of my favorite parts was I could talk and give instructions to the actors while we were shooting and anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk so definitely plus for me. But on a more serious note creating a film to a certain piece of music was a new adventure, I truly loved the romance track and also had the pleasure of meeting Nathan who wrote the music and flew over from NY to play the scores live on the night.
The two film nights were also great fun, it was amazing to see all the entries the Tuesday night and the awards on Wednesday. What an amazing bunch of films they were and a big congratulations to the winners but also to everyone involved.
We were lucky enough to pick up the third place along with the best poster! Thank you, BOP Film for bringing this amazing competition to NZ, also to JP who started the IYSFF, the judges, BayCourt, Priority One (for the third place prize) and my cast and crew. I am hugely grateful to you all, I can’t wait for next year!!
Enjoy the film and photos from this crazy experience.
Love Rose xx
Awards night photos by Brydie Photography