Bleach Auditions

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Twinkling Bat Films is in pre-production on two short films and the next step of this amazing project is auditions.
The second film is “Bleach”, a tale of attraction and dirty laundry. You can read the full synopsis here.

The four roles in “Bleach” areā€¦

Faye: 18-24 years old*, she is slight of build and pretty. Faye is supremely confident but in no way arrogant. She is also privately educated and well spoken.

Jimmy: 19-25 years old*, he is cocky and brash, and his use of slang hides a thoroughly middle-class upbringing. He is fairly attractive.

Laundromat Dad, 50-55 years old*, he is friendly and nonthreatening.

Laundromat Tough Guy, 30-40 years old*, he is threatening and unfriendly with a rough appearance.

We are holding auditions on the 24th of October 2016 in Tauranga, New Zealand and if you would like to be considered for auditioning please head on over to the auditions page to fill out a form and we will be in touch.

We will be filming in the Bay of Plenty in January 2017.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Applications close 17th of October 2016.

* Characters ages not actor/applicant ages.